Bridging Chains & Unleashing Potential

TONSquare bridges the TON ecosystem with EVM-compatible chains, enabling seamless asset interactions and exchanges across blockchain ecosystems.

Unlock the full potential of blockchain technology with a TONSquare Key, enhancing your development capabilities across our robust network

Mint a TONSquare Key to join the network, operate nodes, and benefit from TOS token distributions, as well as bridge and gas fees within the network. Additionally, access comprehensive resources for developing dApps on TONSquare, including technical documentation, guides, and SDKs to kickstart your building process today.

Why Choose TONSquare?

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Cross-Chain Capability

Seamlessly transfer assets between the TON blockchain and other major EVM-compatible chains, opening up a world of possibilities for decentralized application development and asset management.
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Advanced Developer Tools

Utilize our comprehensive suite of developer tools and SDKs to build, deploy, and manage scalable decentralized applications easily.
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Governance and Staking Opportunities

Take part in the governance of TONSquare by staking TOS tokens, contributing to the security and decision-making of the network, while earning rewards.

Get Started with TONSquare

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Mint a TONSquare Key

Join our network, operate nodes, and access a wealth of benefits including participation in network fees and governance.
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Connect and Build

Access our advanced developer resources to start building dApps on a robust multi-chain platform.
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Engage and Grow

Participate in our referral program and governance model to grow within the TONSquare community.

Dive into the future of internet

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TON (Ethereum) to TONSquare Bridge

Enables the seamless transfer of TON tokens from the Ethereum blockchain to the TONSquare network. By utilizing this bridge, users can easily move their assets from Ethereum, one of the most widely used EVM-compatible chains, into the TONSquare ecosystem. This capability not only enhances liquidity but also allows Ethereum users to access unique applications and services available on TONSquare.

TON (TON Network) to TONSquare Bridge

Connects the native TON network with the TONSquare platform, facilitating the direct transfer of TON assets. This integration is crucial for existing TON network users who wish to leverage the additional features and scalability solutions offered by TONSquare. It allows for smoother transactions and interactions between the two ecosystems, expanding the functional reach of both networks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is TONSquare?

TONSquare is a blockchain platform that bridges the TON blockchain with EVM-compatible chains, enhancing interoperability and enabling seamless asset transfers and dApp development across ecosystems.

2. How do I mint a TONSquare Key?

Visit our website, connect your wallet, select the quantity of TONSquare Keys you desire, apply any promo codes, and confirm your purchase. This key allows you to participate in our network and access various benefits.

3. What benefits does the TONSquare Key offer?

Holding a TONSquare Key enables you to operate nodes, participate in governance, and benefit from token distributions, bridge fees, and gas fees collected within the network.

4. Can I develop applications on TONSquare?

Yes, developers can build decentralized applications using our robust SDKs and detailed technical documentation available on our platform, which provide the necessary tools to create innovative and scalable dApps.

5. How does the TONSquare bridge work?

The TONSquare bridge facilitates the transfer of assets between the TON blockchain and EVM-compatible chains. This bridge ensures that users can move assets efficiently while maintaining security and liquidity across different blockchain ecosystems.

6. What is the role of TOS tokens in the TONSquare ecosystem?

TOS tokens serve multiple roles, including governance, where token holders can vote on proposals; utility, where tokens can be used to access premium features; and staking, where users can stake tokens to earn rewards and enhance network security.

7. How can I participate in the TONSquare referral program?

Create a referral link or code through the TONSquare Node Client application, share it with potential referees, and earn commissions when they purchase TONSquare Keys through your link. Referees receive a discount when using your referral code.